8 - Public Web Site Template

Additional Fees Apply

  • Industry leading commercial Real Estate Public Web Site
  • Properties and Sales Professionals Info automatically kept up to date by ORION
  • Free re-branding if you move to another brand
  • Just a one time, $3,500 set up fee and $100/month hosting/linkage and upgrades fee
  • Days to implement and have live to your clients

The new public commercial web site is ready for prime time now. With features such as:

  • Static Content Integration. Any existing static web site content will be integrated into the Content Management System (CMS) within ORION.
  • Home Page Features. Home page has a dynamic, animated feature panel that highlights any featured listings as determined by company administrators in ORION. Additionally, each time the Home page is accessed a different sales professional will be featured with links to their full profile, listings and blog posts.
  • Video Upload Capability. Custom videos can be uploaded to the site, and displayed in a streaming HTML5 (or Flash) video player or embedded from YouTube or Vimeo. Any existing video content will be transferred to the new site.
  • News/Blog Feed. The new site is able to publish and share news, announcements, and stories thru a fully-featured blog and news feed. Blog posts can be attributed to any agent or company administrator and links back to that agent’s landing page. The blog has standard features such as categories, tags, comments, etc. This feed can be consumed via RSS.
  • ORION Integration. The site will pull complete agent, office, and listing data from ORION. New web content will reside on the main Public site domain (for search engine purposes).
  • Agent Landing Page. Each agent will have a landing page that displays all of their contact information, current listings, biography, vCArd, links to social media profiles, and any recent blog posts.
  • Social Media Integration. All ‘shareable’ pages on the site, including blog/news postings, listing pages, and agent pages will have Share links on them. In addition, your firm’s Facebook and Twitter feed can be pulled directly into the site.
  • Responsive Site Design / Mobile Layout. The new site has been built using a cutting-edge design technique called Responsive Web Design. This technique essentially creates 2 different views of the same content – for presentation in both mobile and desktop formats. All custom functionality and animation has been built out to work elegantly whether a user is on a touch-based mobile device or a desktop/laptop computer.
  • Vanity URLs for Properties. The new site allows for the creation of vanity URL Redirects for property pages, so an agent can create a URL such as prucomm.com/SummerLakes to allow for easy and memorable URLs.
  • Google Analytics. Incorporate Google Analytics into site to measure and report on site use.
  • Standards-Based Site Development. A solid, standards-based website has been built that is compatible with all modern browsers and operating systems. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 8+, and current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Older browser support (especially IE) can be costly and time consuming to fully support, but the site will degrade gracefully in these browsers.
  • Search Engine Friendly Development. This new site has also been designed to be extremely search engine friendly. Page titles, meta descriptions, and keywords can be modified on a page-by page basis. URLs are easily readable and contain valuable keywords. All content will reside within the home domain.

And the best part is that there is no need for you to go through all the brain damage, time and expense of developing it yourself to take advantage of this new, leading edge public site. Just a small, one-time set up fee will get you launched and then a very small monthly hosting fee assures you of linkage to ORION, timely maintenance and all upgrades. Most of the site content is fed by ORION, so there’s very little for you to do to get started.

And remember, this includes your ORION subscription for one year for FREE!

Easily modified depending on your brand and not tied to a group or network other than ORION, this site has the flexibility to stay with you long term through whatever changes you may encounter.

Here are a couple of links – one to the Prudential Commercial Real Estate, FL site and to the Prudential Preferred new site.

And here’s a look at the template Branded for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

So call or e-mail us today to set up a live, on-line look at all of the new site features.