An outstanding experience - one client at a time.

What makes ORION Commercial Services different?

The right order for the process of success in anything is this:

Learn. . . Do. . . Teach.

The Commercial Real Estate professionals at ORION Commercial Services each have over 30 years of on-the-ground, daily, focused CRE transactional experience as well as 30 + years of experience in growing the largest CRE affiliate in one of America’s most successful real estate brands.

We’re a CRE technology or training company, yes.

But more importantly, – we also have a 35 year old CRE brokerage services company that’s trained dozens and dozens of CRE professionals who are now some of the best in their markets.

Our focus is on developing the industry’s best technology platform to provide the systems, processes, forms, templates and training to help your team become the most effective CRE professionals in the marketplace. And since our own brokerage company is our proving ground, we never lose sight of the target – success for the CRE sales professional.

It’s all we do! That’s why we can provide the industry’s only systematic, methodical, duplicatable CRE brokerage services business and tools.

  • We’ve learned (many times the hard way);
  • We’ve done (over $2.5 billion in transactional experience) and;
  • We’ve taught (dozens and dozens of successful agents) over the past 30+ years – and we can help you too.
    Mission Statement: To be the most valuable CRE resource in your firm.


At ORION, it’s not our philosophy to satisfy you, but rather. . . to amaze you!

About the Owners

A friend of mine named Andy Andrews wrote a series of books called Storms of Perfection. The series is a compendium of Inspirational letters to the author from dozens and dozens of the world’s most successful people describing the most painful obstacles that they faced on their personal paths to victory. It’s a great series of books and I highly recommend it.

The idea is that it’s from our struggles; our mistakes that we grow and, hopefully, learn.

We’ve made our share of mistakes in the commercial real estate brokerage services business (too many of them several times) and have worked hard throughout the years to develop duplicate-able systems to avoid those mistakes and deliver to our sales professionals the education, training and tools to reach their CRE goals in this technology driven world.

Now, with ORION, you can have access to all of it too.